Our Team Emotional Intelligence Program generates High Performance Teamwork

Team Emotional Intelligence

Team Emotional Intelligence drives Team Performance

Adeo Consulting’s Team Emotional Intelligence program involves working with the Team and its Leader to improve the teams performance by up to 25% in terms of effectiveness and goal realization.

This program includes the Team Emotional Intelligence Survey based on the research developed norms and scales of Professors Vanessa Druskatt and Steven Wolff the originators of the Team Emotional Intelligence Model.

The Harvard Business Review included Team Emotional Intelligence on its list of the Top Ten Breakthrough Ideas for helping organisations perform well. The Team Emotional Intelligence Survey has been used to build an effective team culture in organisations like yours for over 15 years. Research shows that it improves team performance by up to 25% over normal or average teams.

No one would dispute the importance of making teams work more effectively. But most research about how to do so has focused on identifying the task processes that distinguish the most successful teams—that is, specifying the need for cooperation, participation, commitment to goals, and so forth. The assumption seems to be that, once identified, these processes can simply be imitated by other teams, with similar effect. It’s not true.

The real source of a great team’s success lies in the fundamental conditions that allow effective task processes to emerge—and that cause members to engage in them wholeheartedly.

Three conditions are essential to a group’s effectiveness: trust among members, a sense of group identity, and a sense of group efficacy. When these conditions are absent, going through the motions of cooperating and participating is still possible. But the team will not be as effective as it could be, because members will choose to hold back rather than fully engage. To be most effective, the team needs to create emotionally intelligent norms—the attitudes and behaviors that eventually become habits—that support behaviors for building trust, group identity, and group efficacy.

A model for positive change will always contain the most important types of norms a group can create to enhance its emotional intelligence. Teams, like all groups, operate according to such norms. By working to establish norms for emotional awareness and regulation at all levels of interaction, teams can build the solid foundation of trust, group identity, and group efficacy they need for true cooperation and collaboration—and high performance overall.

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