The key to motivation is understanding what gets you and your team up in the morning? What actions do you take to bring your passion to what you do and to evoke in others the passion that makes them excel at what they do. How do you align your team or company objectives with those of your people? How do you create the resonance that empowers others? And what motivates people the most.

“We don’t need to motivate people, we need to create an environment in which they can motivate themselves

Good leaders are everywhere. Once they fix their own motivation they engender motivation in others. Others are motivated by many factors and its important to understand those and with sincerity and integrity take these factors into account with the goals you set and in all that you say and do.

With understanding will come clarity – from theory to application we can help you deliver through motivation.

Adeo offer motivation workshops and seminars which are both motivational and teach the participants about motivating themselves and others. Our motivation workshops are designed to empower the individuals and the group and can cover and integrate factors such as: Subjectivity and Reality, Self-Motivation, Core motivators, Reframing your perception, Positive Realism, Realising and using Choice, Energy and Flow

We can also take it to the next level integrating tools to promote emotional wll being such as Mindfulness at work, Working as a team and high performance teamwork, We can all be leaders – key tenets of leadership and using Emotional Intelligence at work

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