Adeo Consulting offer motivational speaker sessions in Ireland and internationally for all kinds of organisations and groups.

Motivational Speaker

We have worked with leadership teams, sports teams, project teams and business groups, in Ireland and internationally, to engage, motivate and empower them. Our motivational speaker sessions are about you rather than us, and focus on purpose, people potential and passionate positive perspectives.


Aidan Higgins is an experienced influencer and motivational speaker, who has delivered talks and workshops to groups of all sizes.  He was once described by the Irish Independent as using the “oratory techniques of an evangelical preacher”. 


“… very energetic, enthusiastic, engaging, personable and inspirational …”

“…apart from professional expertise, a delight to work with…”

“Contagious personality – should be bottled!”

Author of the internationally selling book LEAD FROM YOU, award winning CEO and former London Irish and Connacht rugby player, he has been working with, and motivating people and teams for decades.

The key to motivation is understanding what gets you and your team up in the morning. A motivational speaker who speaks to this can engage your people. Its also important that after the speaker leaves the room your people have the hooks and reminders to find that positive energy even under pressure. What actions do you take to bring your passion to what you do and to evoke in others the passion that makes them excel at what they do. How do you align your team or company objectives with those of your people? How do you create the resonance that empowers others? And what motivates your people the most.

Good leaders are everywhere. Once they fix their own motivation they engender motivation in others. Others are motivated by many factors and its important to understand those and with sincerity and integrity take these factors into account with the goals you set and in all that you say and do. With understanding will come clarity – from theory to application we can help you deliver through motivation.

The motivational speaker must empower by delivering meaning and a positive mindset.

Adeo offer motivation speaker sessions, workshops and seminars which are not only motivational but can teach the participants about motivating themselves and others. Our motivation workshops are designed to empower the individuals and the group and can cover and integrate factors such as: Subjectivity and Reality, Self-Motivation, Core motivators, Reframing your perception, Positive Realism, Realising and using Choice, Energy and Flow. We can also take it to the next level integrating tools to promote emotional well being such as Mindfulness at work, Working as a team and high performance teamwork, We can all be leaders – key tenets of leadership and using Emotional Intelligence at work.

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