Many of the issues you may find in your organisation can be teased out by looking deeply at yourself from a third perspective via Mentoring or one to one coaching. It may be difficult to see clearly unless you step off the dancefloor. Remember – if there is a problem in the group and you can’t see where its coming from it might be you….

1. What is it that you really want and why?

With passion comes greater success so it is important to understand what you are trying
to achieve and why. It is also important to be clear on the goals of the business
and also ones goals as an individual. Where you can align personal
motivations with business goals you can expect significant improvements
in results and even enjoy the process.


2. What are you doing well?  What are you good at?

If you can get a perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of “you” as well as those of
the business overall one can re-schedule and rearrange more easily so
that those strenghts come to the fore. It is also important of course to
understand what you are doing well right now and why.


3. What is stopping you getting where you want to go?

Often we have roadblocks on our path to success. Some of these are organisational and
some are thrown up by our inner software – or our self saboteur. Can you
see all the roadblocks, challenges or weaknesses in your company from
your point of view. Do you have difficulties making non-personal
judgements about people or processes that damage your ability to meet
your goals?


4. What can, will or would you change?

Culture is “the way things are done around here” – often more difficult to change than you
might think-  but of course it can be done with the right method.
“Norming” is a tendancy to meet the expected results – for example if the goals are
aspirations but you really believe you won’t get there – then you will
find a way not to. “Insanity”is doing the same thing and expecting a
different result. Its human nature to stick to what you know – but if you
really re-think the nature of success, work out the blockages and
implement willing change then you can really surprise yourself.


5. What are your priorities and where can we help you most?

There are many things you might like to chage but like many things it boils down
to a Pareto 80/20 rule. 20% of the things you do will make 80% of the
difference. So choose your 20% carefully.

If you want to explore these ideas, and more, contact us – we’d love to see what you want to show us and to hear what you have to say.