Adeo Consulting offer customised leadership training in Ireland for leadership teams or individual leaders.

Leading edge theories in a leadership training program tailored to your context, your schedule and your location.

We customise our leadership training programs for our clients needs by first understanding your strategies and challenges and then providing the relevant modules you require at a time and in a location that suits your organisation. We have worked with leaders from the C-suite to Supervisor level in both the Private and Public sectors, improving the key competencies of leadership to ensure you get the best from your people through empowerment and engagement.

We are often asked to provide a hybrid leadership training programs with Leadership Team and Individual training done concurrently. We have had wonderful feedback from our Senior Leadership programs where we aim to turn groups of leaders into high performance teams. We need to go beyond the standard (same old thing) training,  to bring you a program that evolves your leaders to the next level. Vastly improving your ability to connect with and influence your people. To truly lead rather than drive.

“Great at developing people so that they are delivering their full potential. Enthusiasm and passion are infectious!”

Our leadership training programs are current and confidential and tailored to the individual(s) as well as the team, using a combination of group and individual learning. We both coach and teach leaders. We can evolve leaders by developing emotional intelligence, awareness and authenticity as well as other key skills. We work with our clients to understand their view of the world, to help them understand their subjectivity and to remove their veil of illusion. We teach presence and awareness and being “in the now” which brings clarity and understanding to each decision, action and reaction. This allows leaders to leverage their strengths and be the best version of themselves they can be. Not a poor copy of someone else.

During Leadership training programs we also teach clients to use a number of cognitive tools to improve performance and reduce stress. These tools help our clients to act rather than react, to control emotion rather than be controlled by it and to see and understand emotional states in others.

Leadership training is really about evolution.

Adeo Consulting Ltd have developed and run a number of very successful customised Leadership training and mentoring program for Leaders – Senior (often C-Suite) directors and CEO’s and for mid level leaders who realise the benefits and want to be the best leader they can be. Our leadership training programs have been developed over the last decade with large client organisations as well as key individuals and leaders here in Ireland. Many leaders we work with are already highly skilled however will often not have done the self awareness and reflection necessary to gain the insights to operate at the next level. Self Awareness is the bedrock of high Emotional Intelligence. Increasing your self-awareness and understanding your own emotional states, behaviours and what motivates you improves your ability to understand others. Expanding self-awareness is an ongoing process, as it is a challenge to “know thyself” fully. Our leadership training programs unveil unknown focuses of attention, cognitive biases and behavioural characteristics that can be mitigated or leveraged once awareness is brought to them.

Leadership Training in Ireland

Leadership training is good for resilience and wellbeing.

Companies can lose good loyal leaders and valuable talent through burnout, fatigue, stress and lack of appreciation. This trend became more prevalent through the “noughties” and in the current environment even more pressure has come to bear. Our Leadership Training programs align the internal motivators of a leader, creates a better balance, removes illusions that cause stress, improves workplace harmony and strengthens emotional resilience. It improves leadership performance which directly impacts the bottom line. It also has a very positive impact on work-life balance and wellbeing.

Our flagship Leadership Development Program is a flexible customised training program delivered over a 3 month period and can be followed with ongoing development sessions. For more details click here: LDP

We also run a Leadership Bench Program to develop future leaders in your organisation delivering leaders from within your management team. For more details click here: LBP

Some interesting information about the requirements of modern leadership training here from Harvard Business Review.