We have been developing Leadership Emotional Intelligence in our clients in Ireland for nearly 15 years, working with all sorts of organisations and individuals.

Leadership Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your own and others’ emotions and how they drive behaviour, and then use that knowledge to lead, motivate and empower your people. Leaders set the emotional culture of their organisation, and often they do this without knowing how or why.

When leaders behave in ways that set a poor example, for instance in how they treat other people, that resonates throughout the company. They can set an inappropriate purpose that is driven by their own biased view of the world driven by how they feel about things. Success being over the top on “Win-Lose” or too much focus on the bottom line, or behaviours and rules based on a total lack of trust.  The result could be low employee morale or engagement or a huge turnover number driven by unchecked toxic interactions between people.

Leadership Emotional Intelligence  helps leaders to recognise and modify their own behaviours first. Getting to the bottom of a belief system or a set of cognitive biases can free a leader to be their very best. And then with clear understanding of how they look at the world they can start to understand others and create a relationship that starts with empathy and trust and ends with empowerment, engagement and performance.

An excellent overview from Harvard Business Review and Dan Goleman is here  How Emotional Intelligence Became a Key Leadership Skill


Leadership Emotional Intelligence Programs and Workshops

Our Programs offered in Ireland are tailored to the Organisation, team or individual. We develop not only an understanding of the Emotional Intelligence competencies but we are also able to develop those competencies in our clients. Knowing what they are and being able to leverage them is not an academic exercise! We work hard to understand the leaders view of the world, to understand their context and to help them understand their subjectivity. We help our clients to become emotionally resonant leaders and team members using workshops, group sessions and one to one coaching. We also use Emotional Intelligence Development as part of all our Teamwork and Leadership programs. More details are available ACLP or LTD.

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