Leadership team development will have a hugely positive impact on the performance of your organisation.


Leadership Team development has challenges beyond that of project teams, as the team members are all leaders themselves sitting at the top of the organisation with their own pressures, deliverables, teams and resource requirements. The performance of the Leadership Team, whether they are called the “Senior Leadership Team”, “Steering Committee”, “Board” or similar, is critical to organisational success and has a disproportionately large influence on overall performance.

The increasing complexity of teamwork in 2022 and beyond means that these teams are unlikely to achieve superior performance through chance or the skill-set of an able team leader alone. Modern leadership teams must harness and manage a number of elements effectively in order to achieve peak performance.

“I have attended management training and development courses all over the UK and Ireland in the last 20 years and nothing has had as powerful an impact on me, personally and professionally, as the work I did with Aidan Higgins… The training course he did with my management team is still having a positive impact nearly 18 months later and I would expect it to continue to do so”

A leadership team’s success can be directly attributed to the ability to synchronize team members and help them move through team development. Knowing and understanding the behaviours of effective leaders and the critical elements of leadership team development helps organizations ensure success even in the most complex organisational challenges. More and more organisations are becoming less hierarchical and are relying on teams to create competitive advantage. Many of these organisations are now required to build higher levels of collaboration and performance in their teams.

If you sense your teams are not reaching their full potential; if you desire greater collaboration; if energy is being wasted on unproductive conflict; if there is lack of follow-through on commitments; or you desire greater creativity and innovation, then ADEO Consulting’s Leadership Team Development Program could be ideal for you.

Key Benefits of Leadership Team Development

The individual and team competencies we develop with this program improve the ability:

  • To see the big picture rather than just departmental priorities
  • To work effectively under intense pressure.
  • To manage the constraints of ever-demanding deadlines, budgetary challenges and targets without losing focus or becoming embroiled in team conflict.
  • To bring to fruition ideas for new products/services so there is a consistent and healthy level of innovation.
  • To master the art of building trust so that relationships flourish inside the team and between the team and its key stakeholders.
  • To maximize Team Effectiveness so that the team achieves its highest potential.
  • Reduce negative conflict
  • Improve decision-making effectiveness
  • Improve the ability to change and adapt

We work with HR and CEO’s to align their Leadership Team better with high level organisational objectives and improve their contribution to the organisation as a whole.

Company benefits
Leadership team development is a key component of organisational success. Companies innovate, compete, communicate, perform and profit though their leaders. Their leaders make things happen. Or not. Leaders are the main influencer of human capital performance. Companies also lose good loyal leaders through burnout, fatigue, stress and lack of appreciation. This trend became more prevalent through the “noughties” and in the current environment even more pressure has come to bear. Our Leadership Team Development aligns the internal motivators of a leader, creates a better balance, removes illusions that cause stress, improves workplace harmony and strengthens emotional resilience. It improves leadership performance which directly impacts the bottom line.

To discuss your options please contact us now on +353 (0)1 287 5636 or send an email to learnmore@adeo.ie. There is some interesting further reading here.

Leadership Team development Program