Our Leadership Development Program

The leadership development program we have been teaching and evolving for over a decade is current and confidential and tailored to the needs of our clients. Working with leadership teams or individual leaders our leadership development program includes the development of awareness, authenticity and emotional intelligence as well as a number of other competencies such as how to motivate others, driving high performance teamwork and leading through change.

Effective programs must develop the key competencies necessary for leadership development in 2023 and beyond not rehash those from the last century. Unfortunately, according to HBR, many “leadership” programs out there are not developing leaders. We teach leadership rather than management.

We work with our clients to understand their view of the world and how this aligns with the purpose of their organisation. We help them understand their subjectivity and to remove their veil of illusion. We teach presence and awareness and being “in the now” which brings clarity and understanding to each decision, action and reaction. During Leadership development sessions we also teach clients to use a number of cognitive tools to improve performance, deal with ambiguity and reduce stress. These tools help our clients to act rather than react, to control emotion rather than be controlled by it and to see and understand emotional states in others.

“Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.” – George Bernard Shaw

As a business leader, you live in an increasingly interdependent world where you get things done through others. The more you move up the leadership hierarchy the less effective the  “command and control” philosophy — the ability to influence others is the determining factor for success.  Our Leadership development workshops encourage authenticity enabling leaders to create a compelling vision and motivating people to achieve it.  Leadership Development is first and foremost about the real you. How you interact, how you behave, how you are.  It’s about who you become.

“To move the world we must first move ourselves.”  Socrates

Leadership Development and Leading yourself – the heart of the matter

Fundamental to leading yourself is learning how to live ‘at cause’ rather than ‘at effect’.  Our Leadership Development program teaches you how this means taking responsibility for the results you get from what you do, and recognising that if you want different results, you need to do something different – to change your behaviours. You have all the resources you need inside you to become what you need to be in any given situation. Being aware of your current internal state and accessing the appropriate internal resources is a skill that can be developed.  You can profoundly influence the situations you find yourself in and recreate the states that led you to a previous positive outcome.  If you understand what brings about the best in you and create more of those situations you will find it easier to lead yourself.

Organisational benefits of Leadership Development

The constantly changing environment of today requires aware, authentic and trustworthy leaders to get the best people, to get the best from people and to keep and engage the talent critical to your success. Leadership development is a key driver of organisational success. Companies innovate, compete, communicate, perform and profit though their leaders. Their leaders make things happen. Or not. Leaders are the main influencer of human capital performance. Companies also lose good loyal leaders through burnout, fatigue, stress and lack of appreciation. Our Leadership Development Program aligns the internal motivators of a leader, creates a better balance, removes illusions that cause stress, improves workplace harmony and strengthens emotional resilience. It improves leadership performance which directly impacts the bottom line.

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