leadership coaching irelandLeadership Coaching is a personal development process designed to enhance a leader’s success in achieving his or her professional objectives within the context of an organization’s values and business goals. Reports from the US show that  43% of CEOs and 71% of Senior Executives say they’ve worked with a coach. And 92% of leaders being coached say they plan to use a coach again.

While Leadership coaching focuses on the individual leader, successful leadership development through this methodology brings significant benefits to both the individual and the organization. These benefits include retention of valued talent, increases in productivity, development of high-potential performers, greater job satisfaction for the participant and his direct reports and achievement of organization objectives.

In recent years, interest in Leadership Coaching has exploded. More organizations are using coaches, and coaching has attained widespread acceptance. Well run and smart companies use Leadership coaching as a competitive advantage. The main reasons for this are:

• Jobs are more complex than ever before.
• Leadership has become more complex.
• Feedback is needed yet honest clear feedback is often difficult for a leader to get.
• Organizations have a flatter structure and newer generations of knowledge workers so “people issues” are even more important.
• During periods of rapid change- which has become the norm – effective leadership is more important than ever.
• People are more open to outside help and many welcome it.
• It is a good investment in terms of financial and stakeholder reward.

Leadership Coaching gives you a competitive advantage.

Companies innovate, compete, communicate, perform and profit though their leaders. Their leaders make things happen. Or not. Leadership Coaching and Development  must be at the centre of performance improvement strategies. Leaders are the main influencers of human capital performance. Companies also lose good loyal leaders through burnout, fatigue, stress and lack of appreciation. This trend became more prevalent through the “noughties” and in the current environment even more pressure has come to bear. Our Leadership Development program aligns the internal motivators of a leader, creates a better balance, removes illusions that cause stress, improves workplace harmony and strengthens emotional resilience. Leadership Coaching improves leadership performance which directly impacts the bottom line.

Aidan Higgins BE MBA is our Leadership specialist and works with Leaders on a day to day basis. To discuss your options for leadership coaching please contact us now on +353 (0)1 287 5636 or send an email to learnmore@adeo.ie.