leadership benchAdeo Consulting Ltd. offer a Leadership Bench Program to develop future leaders in your organisation delivering leaders from within your management team. We focus on converting Managers into Leaders by recognising the differences and adding the key Leadership perspectives and skills that enable our candidates to become better leaders of the teams they lead and also to enable them to step up when the time comes.

What could be more vital to a company’s long-term health than the choice and cultivation of its future leaders?

The development of “high potentials” to effectively take over the current leadership when their time comes to exit their positions known as succession planning is a type of leadership development that usually requires the extensive transfer of an individual between departments. In many multinationals, it usually requires international transfer and experience to build a future leader. Succession planning requires a sharp focus on organization’s future and vision, in order to align leadership development with the future the firm aspires to create. Thus successive leadership development is based not only on knowledge and history but also on a dream. For such a plan to be successful, development of future leadership should be based not only on “what we know and have” but also on “what we aspire to become”. It is critical to develop in individuals moving to Senior Leadership positions core skills such as Emotional Intelligence, Motivational Ability, Authenticity and the ability to generate a vision and inspire followers.

Its is generally recognised that succession planning, as traditionally conceived and executed does not uncover and correct skill gaps that can derail even the most promising young executives. However, research into the factors that contribute to a leader’s success or failure has found that certain companies do succeed in developing deep and enduring bench strength by approaching succession planning as more than the mechanical process of updating a list. These companies combine two practices—succession planning and leadership development—to create a long-term process for managing the talent roster across their organizations.

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