Leadership Development is a key component of organisational performance. When developing leaders to thrive with our current economic pressures and continuous change, it is key to understand that: ” The leader has to be practical and a realist, yet must talk the language of the visionary and the idealist  “

Leadership is about creating a compelling vision and motivating people to achieve it.  But it is however first and foremost about you. How you interact, how you behave, how you are. It’s about who you become.

leadership developmentWhat Leadership is, exactly, is often an unknown in an organisation. What is known is that Leadership styles vary depending on the current requirements and the competitive context. A good leader must be able to alter his style appropriately.  A good leader has a set of core skills and knowledge. The core skills should include Awareness and Emotional Intelligence (which leads to Emotional Resonance) which are far higher contributors to Leadership success than say IQ.  At Adeo Consulting we provide Leadership Development that improves Awareness and Emotional Intelligence (which is 80-90% of the competencies required in great leaders) empowering Leaders with the tools for motivation of self and others. Our Leadership development program makes your leaders better communicators, influencers, teambuilders and conflict managers and to deliver far better results in terms of organisational goals. Leadership Development needs to be customized both to the Organisation and to the individual.

Leadership Development

As a business leader, you live in an increasingly interdependent world where you get things done through others. The more you move up the leadership hierarchy the less effective the  “command and control” philosophy — the ability to influence others is the determining factor for success.

Companies innovate, compete, communicate, perform and profit though their leaders. Their leaders make things happen. Or not. Leadership Development must be at the centre of performance improvement. Leadership Development must be continuous and ongoing. Leaders are the main enablers of people performance.

Companies can also lose good loyal leaders through burnout, fatigue, stress and lack of appreciation. This trend became more prevalent through the “noughties” and in the current environment even more pressure has come to bear. Our Leadership Development program aligns the internal motivators of a leader, creates a better balance, removes illusions that cause stress, improves workplace harmony and strengthens emotional resilience. It improves leadership performance which directly impacts the bottom line.

Adeo Consulting have developed and run a number of very successful customised Leadership Development training and mentoring program for Leaders – Senior (usually C-Suite) directors and CEO’s and for mid level leaders who realise the benefits and want to be the best leader they can be.  This is a flexible customised program delivered over a 3 month period and can be followed with ongoing development sessions. For more details click here: LDP

We also run a Leadership Bench Program to develop future leaders in your organisation delivering leaders from within your management team. For more details click here: LBP