Doing the numbers is easy – getting the people right is more complex.

Our customers deal with complex challenges include talent retention, innovation, agility and many others which must be faced in the context of continuous change. complex issues arise regarding Leadership, Motivation, Engagement, Change and Culture.

There are some complex concepts around these areas which we have listed on our drop-down menu here.

Adeo Consulting Ltd consult on these challenges and bring new concepts and ideas to offer customized Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Teamwork Development programs that add value to organisations by assisting them in the improvement of their overall performance, goal achievement and output. We deliver performance improvement through focusing on and developing the often neglected “soft” skills such as self awareness and mindfulness, social capital, and identifying and addressing blind spots and subjectivity to change behaviours.

We help you to create Authentic Leadership and High Performance Teams and to drive Employee Engagement. By leveraging the potential of your Leadership and Employees potential and building and aligning these factors with the overall business or organisational strategy we help you deliver results.

Adeo Consulting ltd can help you develop individuals, managers and leaders with our customised Leadership Development Programs  and Emotional Intelligence (EI) Workshops. Leadership Emotional Intelligence is key to our offering and we can improve even well functioning teams overall performance (in terms of goal achievement) by up to 25% with our Team Emotional Intelligence (TEI) Program. Contact us now on +353 (0)1 287 5636 or send an email to