We offer unique executive coaching in Ireland.

For powerful positive change – we offer face to face or on-line executive coaching programs in Ireland tailored to the needs of our clients who are typically leaders or team members but also can be private individuals who are interested in self-development.

We can do a simple program of executive coaching sessions or in combination with our workshops such as Authentic Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Preparing for Change, The Enneagram for Business etc.

We have completed hundreds of these one to one executive coaching sessions with our business clients amounting to thousands of hours of focused coaching using as required; Strategic Thinking, Personality Typing, Cognitive Based Therapy, Empathy or just good old listening and reflecting. We often reveal what the client already knows but has forgotten, or act as an experienced sounding board, but we often discover blind-spots, biases, behaviours and beliefs that bring awareness and insight and so clarity and understanding which improves decision making and reduces stress. 

These clients range from ambitious individuals to mid level managers to multinational board members and the most senior civil servants. Our Executive Coaching programs aim to improve an executive’s effectiveness in their work environment, as well as their personal life. It is about tapping into the executive’s potential and improving capability and performance. We particularly like the feedback we get that our work improves life for our customers outside of work as well – with partners asking “can I do some of this work too!”.

Benefits of our Executive Coaching:

Executive Coaching Ireland

According to Harvard Business Review – Executive coaching can help you achieve higher performance and greater personal satisfaction at work. We have found that executive coaching can present new opportunities for the client from:

Leadership Consciousness and Authenticity
Self Awareness, Mindfulness and Personal Mastery
Emotional Intelligence
Strategic thinking and development
Strategy execution and decision making
Building a strongly positive culture
Improved business performance and investor attractiveness

We use a combination of decades of business experience along with tools such as NLP and the Enneagram to build these competencies. We find that our Executive Coaching also enhances the personal lives of our clients in a “lifelong” way. Providing insights rather than just information enables a change in behaviour that lifts performance. By focusing on improving both personal and business performance, executive coaching is a valuable asset to any company or executive.

Our executive coaching program usually consists of a series of structured, one-on-one interactions between a coach and an executive.

  • Executive Coaches can act as a confidential and honest sounding board
  • Time outside the doing of work provides valuable time to think, reflect and contemplate, can provide more effective paths forward – This is especially important into today’s fast changing environment
  • It can reinforce learning from development programs and help ensure relevant learning is put into practice
  • It can help your star performers (A-grade players) develop more quickly and efficiently
  • It can bring executive performance back on track (B-grade players up to A-grade players)
  • It enhances decision making and priority management capabilities
  • It helps with resilience in times of stress
  • It reduces stressors both visible and invisible.

Coaching is not just about asking questions

Many have the misconception that Executive Coaching is just about asking questions and reflecting. This might be ok if the client knows everything about themselves. Which is indeed a rare thing. In addition to questioning, executive coaching must involve listening actively, communicating directly, creating awareness and insight, designing actions, pursuing goals, and creating accountability. All of these are accomplished through conversation and some teaching,  followed by reflection — which requires time. Executive Coaches ask good questions to invoke insights, clarify, and explore, and they share observations, including feedback, insights, ideas and ways forward. Simply put, sharing observations is the yin to the yang of coaching questions. Questions often generate observations, and observations often generate questions. Look back at the various examples of observations provided above. For each observation, there are plenty of open ended questions that would naturally follow.

If you are interested in self-development or you want your leaders, your teams or your people to improve their effectiveness via executive coaching here in Ireland or the UK, call us now on +353 (0)1 2875636 or email learnmore@adeo.ie We also do a more leadership focused form of coaching- there is more information  here