Adeo Consulting Ltd offer Enneagram for Business workshops here in Ireland.

Various Enneagram for Business programs are being used throughout across the globe in large multi-national businesses and organisations.

These programs are designed for organisations, groups or for individuals and the Enneagram’s use is resulting in distinct improvements in many areas from financial metrics to leadership capabilities as well as communication and teamwork. The Enneagram has become universally accepted as a key tool in Emotional Intelligence development. Some Fortune 500 companies run all of their leaders through Enneagram-based executive coaching programs. Others send their executives to leadership development retreats where the Enneagram is featured. Some companies integrate it into their standard training curriculum and embed it into their corporate culture.

“A 2011 study by Enneagram in Business covering 72 companies, including Best Buy, Daimler-Mitsubishi, Toyota and Avon, found that using the Enneagram led to better communication and collaboration, rising sales and increase in employee engagement.”

Once individuals identify their styles, they then use the system to understand and improve how they and others function at work.

Although having the right skills is an essential ingredient of high-quality job performance, emotional intelligence (EQ) – the ability to accept and manage oneself and the capability to work effectively with other people – is equally important. In fact, people with high EQ tend to be more successful, more flexible, better learners, and more desirable coworkers.

Organizations across the globe and here in Ireland are using the Enneagram for Business for a wide variety of business applications, with new uses constantly emerging. Most organizations begin using the Enneagram for business to increase communication, foster feedback cultures, respond effectively to conflict, and enrich leadership styles and then move to applications such as creating high-performing teams, developing 21st century leadership competencies, enhancing sales performance, creating cultures of commitment and engagement, and more.

“When I got introduced to the Enneagram, I assumed it was another Myers -Briggs. But when I heard the description of my type – it was as if someone had been following me around my entire life, recording my life. Not just recording my actions, but being able to really understand the ‘why’ behind what I was doing. For me it was it was a profound experience.”

The Enneagram is being used in almost every industry, though the specific Enneagram for business applications vary depending on the nature of the industry and the specific needs of the organization within that sector. Once companies experience the power of the Enneagram to help their businesses, they often start using the Enneagram for Business applications to help employees become better performers and work better with clients and co-workers, to take the mystery and stress out of developing excellent leaders, and to create aligned and high-performing teams based around purpose trust and empathy. The Enneagram is part of a number of our business programs and helps develop emotional intelligence in our business and organisational clients. We also teach and coach the Enneagram for personal and group use.

Adeo Consulting Ltd have over 20 years experience using the Enneagram for the business context in Ireland.  As well as completing fully certified teacher training we have worked with many of the worlds best teachers including Helen Palmer David Daniels, Peter O’Hanrahan, Riso and Hudson, Ginger Lapid Bogda and Mario Sikora. We offer group or individual Enneagram workshops in Ireland and can include it in mentoring sessions as part of our Leadership and Teamwork programs. We are specialists in applying it to and within the Organisational or Business environment to improve leadership competencies, team performance, engagement and communication. Aidan Higgins of Adeo Consulting Ltd is a Professional Member of the International Enneagram Association and is a conference presenter to international audiences.

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Our recently launched book Lead From You focuses on the Enneagram and Emotional Intelligence to deliver Aware and Authentic Leaders and People.