authentic leadership irelandAuthentic Leadership is a key requirement for success in todays organisation.


Adeo Consulting Ltd have been running programs to develop Authentic Leadership, in Ireland, for nearly 15 years.

Authentic leadership is a concept popularised in the “noughties” by Bill George  (former CEO Medtronic and current Professor Harvard Business School) and others including Bruce Avolio and William Gardner. It has become the de-facto standard for the future of Leadership for 2023 and beyond. It is a leadership style that is consistent with a leaders’ personality and core values, and that is honest, ethical and practical. It is useful in that no matter what the context the individual uses an inner compass to guide themselves and others and this also allow real and trusting connection with followers. Authenticity and alignment of values allows a leader to truly serve a higher purpose and with it the team that delivers on that purpose.

“Authenticity has become a gold standard for leadership for 2020 and beyond. No longer is leadership about developing charisma, emulating other leaders, or looking good externally. Instead, leadership is about being your best self to inspire and empower those you lead.”

Authentic leadership is more about empowering employees than it is about money or personal power. The modern leader must change their focus “from power to empower.” This type of  Leadership is guided by compassion and heart in everything that is done. While many authentic leaders may have natural abilities, anyone can  become an authentic leader through hard work and developing their leadership qualities. Authentic leaders are dedicated to continued personal growth and committed to building lasting relationships and strong organizations.

“Leadership is being authentic to who you are, thinking about what you really believe in and behaving accordingly.” Alan Mulally (CEO Ford 2013 –  who transformed Ford from the brink of bankruptcy to an $8 billion profit)

Authentic Leadership leverages both integrity and vulnerability. Integrity is the commitment to tell the whole truth, even when it is easier to conceal it. Vulnerability is the act of sharing your whole self, even when it’s more comfortable to hide those parts you don’t like. Authentic leaders are true to themselves and to what they believe. Rather than letting the expectations of others guide them, they are their own persons and go their own ways. They engender trust and develop genuine connections with others. Because people trust them, authentic leaders are able to motivate them to achieve high levels of performance.

Authentic Leadership program available in Ireland

Lead From You - Aware, authentic, emotionally intelligent leadership

We have been teaching Authentic leadership in Ireland for nearly 15 years. Our Authentic Leadership Development Program starts at the core of the Leader or Leadership team, leveraging strengths, identifying blind-spots and assumptions and then building the awareness, emotional intelligence and communication skills required. The program is delivered in the context of your organisation and is customised to meet your real world requirements. It aligns the internal motivators of a leader, creates a better balance, removes illusions that cause stress, improves workplace harmony, helps the leaders deal with conflict, develops teamworking and team leadership skills and strengthens emotional resilience. Build leaders who lead from within, or as we say  “Lead From You“.

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