..reflecting on my journey the last few years and specifically how much of an impact you have made on my life (& career). The time you afforded me and quality mentoring is something I will always be grateful for….

…very energetic, enthusiastic, engaging, personable and inspirational…a wealth of experience and impressive academic credentials…a 

delight to work with…

I completed an Authentic Leadership Development program with Aidan and he also provided in depth coaching in preparation for a large global transformation project. His insights into emotional intelligence, leadership and motivation were invaluable in my role and have given me powerful tools to develop my skills and my career. All of the sessions were enjoyable and fully adapted to my needs. Highly recommended.

I haven’t been brave enough to say that for 7 years.

Development of a team charter a huge step forward

Aidan Higgins has just completed an Authentic Leadership and Team Development program with our senior leaders to meet the ongoing changes and challenges of our business environment. In line with our commitment to evolve and develop our people on an ongoing basis, we worked with Aidan to develop and implement a customised program to hone our Leadership skills and to improve emotional intelligence at an individual and team level. The program was well received, successful and effective and we will be continuing our working relationship with Aidan into the future.

Great insight into how I react with others

Aidan Higgins implemented an Authentic Leadership Development program within our company over the last 18 months working closely with HR and the Site VP. Initially, we launched the programme with our Site Leadership Team and the results were extremely positive so we decided to expand the programme to all our line managers, supervisors and professionals on site.

Understanding of myself and my teams personalities

I said what I believe needed to be said.

“I have attended management training and development courses all over the UK and Ireland in the last 20 years and nothing has had as powerful an impact on me, personally and professionally, as the work I did with Aidan Higgins. He has done one to one coaching with me as well as group management training. The training course he did with my management team is still having a positive impact nearly 18 months later and I would expect it to continue to do so”

I am committed to the learnings I have gained through the Enneagram process

This was a difficult day however the environment was created which facilitated honest discussion.

Great opportunity offsite to mix with the team and increase the group dynamic

Both professionally and personally I found it excellent.

I have worked with talented professionals from around the world … top of my list … able to bring real-world business and life experiences to the classroom to provide an even more advanced learning environment … ability to engage with any audience and to understand their needs …..

…apart from professional expertise,a delight to work with…

…Very inspirational and focused and definitely some points for action….

… a breath of fresh air … great communication skills … able to integrate personal experiences with theoretical concepts…

…. enthusiam and energy was evident and infectious… provided valuable insights into how to set up a business and the challenges that need to be overcome…

.. a terrific teacher and trainer for innovative business applications … knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects, and has particular expertise in the area of emotional intelligence and the use of the Enneagram system for leadership, teams, and effective communication … positive spirit and enthusiasm is contagious.

.. a thorough understanding of People Motivation and of Personal Mastery and its application to business…

I would have no hesitation in highly recommending ….

… great communication and people management skills. Although he has the academic qualifications, his results come mainly from his lived experience of delivering results through building highly effective teams…

…great at developing people so that they are delivering their full potential…. enthusiasm and passion are infectious…

…greatest skill is getting people to recognise and unleash their unique greatness in the pursuit of a clearly defined vision.

… capable of providing deep insight into business strategy … no-nonsence approach ensures that the right message is delivered to the right audience in the right manner.