Adeo Consulting use our cutting edge leadership, teamwork and emotional intelligence knowledge and our management consulting experience to help you define your requirements and then build customised authentic leadership programs, targeted workshops or coaching sessions that develop the key skills required for your leaders and team members to deliver on the purpose of your organization.

We have been building and running leadership, teamwork and coaching programs and workshops such as these for 15 years, building multi-year relationships with some of our clients who operate in both the private and public sectors. We have worked successfully too, with numerous individuals who are keen to better understand the world they inhabit and to succeed in it.

One size DOES NOT fit all. At Adeo Consulting Ltd can help you develop your people with our customised Leadership Development Programs , Leadership Bench Programs and Emotional Intelligence (EI) Workshops. We can improve even well functioning teams overall performance (in terms of goal achievement) by up to 25% with our Team Emotional Intelligence (TEI) Program. We are specialists that offer years of experience working with organisations of all sizes in Ireland and the UK. Our people offer high academic qualifications combined with “knee scraping” experience and with specialist coaching, mentoring and consulting skills honed over the years. We bring our broad experience to the understanding of your context, and this is key to our ability to add value. We help our clients to develop pathways to implement critical skills in the workplace in a sustainable way to achieve performance goals and improve the delivery of change.

Aidan_Higgins_ADEO_Leadership_ProgramAidan Higgins B.E. MBA MSc (Psych) is the founder of and a director of Adeo Consulting Ltd.

He has been improving the performance of leaders and leadership teams for the last 15 years and has over a thousand hours of one2one coaching experience. He is passionate about getting people and teams to be at their best by helping them to understand and evolve. His book “LEAD FROM YOU” launched in September 2021 has sold in 8 countries. An experienced motivator, once described by the Irish Independent as using the “oratory techniques of an evangelical preacher”, he has experience in presenting ideas influentially to large groups and has shown he is equally able to teach a class, present a concept to a room of 400+, or effectively Coach a strong-minded leader in a One2One environment. Aidan has also taught management consulting and entrepreneurship at the University of Limerick at postgraduate level.

Aidan has a wide range of background experience as well resulting from working with companies and teams within both emerging and established industries in Ireland and the UK in roles from IT and Management Consultant to CEO. He has honed Strategic, Leadership, Communication and Management skills over the years and has won awards for Business Growth and People Management. He is Certified in Training and Development, a Certified Enneagram Teacher, a qualified Master Practitioner of NLP (Personal Change) and is accredited in the use of the Team Emotional Intelligence Survey. He has worked with directors, managers, engineers, accountants, supervisors and students in all sorts of teams and groups., as well as individually. Aidan and Adeo Consulting Ltd work with trusted strategic partners to deliver on larger or more complex projects. He is also a speaker and blogger on these topics. Contact us now on +353 (0)1 287 5636 or send an email to