Adeo Consulting Leadership“We consult with you to define requirements and then build customised Authentic Leadership Programs or Targeted Workshops that develop key skills for the modern leader including Emotional Intelligence, Awareness and the ability to work with and within Teams. We have run programs such as these over the last 12 years in some of the biggest companies in Ireland and also in the highest levels of the public sector. We have worked successfully with numerous indivduals too.”

Adeo Consulting develop programs for Leadership, Team Performance, Leading Change, Adapting Culture and developing Emotional Intelligence. We improve performance by building Authentic Conscious Leadership and High Performing Teams, driving Engagement and aligning these factors with the overall business context. We are a specialist consultancy, consulting with and advising organisations of all sizes. Our experience and understanding of key competencies and of strategy, culture and change allow us to add value to your Organisation. We help our clients to develop pathways to implement critical soft-skills in the workplace in a sustainable way to improve competitiveness for the 21st century environment.

Adeo Consulting can help you develop individuals, managers and leaders with our customised Leadership Development Programs , Leadership Bench Programs  and Emotional Intelligence (EI) Workshops. We can improve even well functioning teams overall performance (in terms of goal achievement) by up to 25% with our Team Emotional Intelligence (TEI) Program.

Adeo Consulting is a small team of specialists that offer years of experience working with organisations of all sizes in Ireland and the UK.  Our team offer high academic qualifications combined with “knee scraping” experience and with specialist coaching, mentoring and consulting skills honed over the years to improve your personal or organisational performance.  We deliver performance improvement through developing Authentic Inspirational Leaders, creating high performance teams, leveraging the Emotional Intelligence advantage, building Awareness, driving Motivation and aligning these factors with the overall business strategy.

Bringing our broad experience to the understanding of your context is key to our ability to add value. One size DOES NOT fit all. We help our clients to develop pathways to implement these skills in the workplace in a sustainable way to achieve performance goals and improve the delivery of change.

Aidan_Higgins_ADEO_Leadership_ProgramAdeo Consulting’s Principal is Aidan Higgins B.E. MBA.

With over 25 yrs experience working with and within Large, Medium and Small Organisations in Ireland and in the UK, as a CEO,  Leader, Team Member, Consultant or Mentor, Aidan engages, empowers and motivates those he works with. Aidan has an MBA specializing in Leadership and has completed original research on developing Emotional Intelligence. He is a specialist in developing Authentic Conscious Leadership, Certified in Training and Development, a Certified Enneagram Teacher, a qualified Master Practitioner of NLP (Personal Change) and is accredited in the use of the Team Emotional Intelligence Survey. He is also a speaker and blogger on these topics. Contact us now on +353 (0)1 287 5636 or send an email to