Leadership is first and foremost about connecting with and influencing people. The leadership required in the coming decade to deliver on your strategy or your change is all about empowering differing generations of your people to deliver it. This requires Authenticity, Trust, Purpose, Emotional Intelligence and High Performance Teamwork.

Adeo Consulting Ltd  are a specialist consultancy designing and implementing customised and/or personalised programs for Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, Team Performance, Leading Change and Adapting Culture. We improve performance by developing Authentic Conscious Leaders and High Performing Teams and Individuals, leveraging their Emotional Intelligence, driving Engagement and aligning these key competencies with the overall business context. We are working with some of the most Senior people in both the Public and Private sector, their direct reports and their project teams in the most challenging of environments developing their Leadership and Emotional Intelligence and their ability to work in and lead high performance teams. Our experience and understanding of key organisational and strategic goals and the challenges of culture and change allow us to add value. We help our clients to develop pathways to improve and implement critical soft-skills in the workplace in a sustainable way to drive competence and competitiveness in the 21st century environment. Based in Dublin, Ireland we service Irish based and UK based customers and also work with some Internationally based leaders.


Leadership Development is a key component of organisational performance. When developing leaders to thrive with our current economic pressures and continuous change, it is key to understand that: ” The leader has to be practical and a realist, yet must talk the language of the visionary and the idealist “

What Leadership is, exactly, is often an unknown in an organisation. What is known is that Leadership styles vary depending on the current requirements and the competitive context. A good leader must be able to alter his style appropriately. A good leader has a set of core skills and knowledge. The core skills should include Awareness and Emotional Intelligence (which leads to Emotional Resonance) which are far higher contributors to Leadership success than say IQ. At Adeo Consulting we provide Leadership Development that improves Awareness and Emotional Intelligence (which is 80-90% of the competencies required in great leaders) empowering Leaders with the tools for motivation of self and others. Our Leadership development program makes your leaders better communicators, influencers, teambuilders and conflict managers and to deliver far better results in terms of organisational goals. Leadership Development needs to be customized both to the Organisation and to the individual.  Read More ….

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence in your leaders, teams and individuals can give you a real competitive advantage through a more engaged workforce and higher performance in terms of success and team goal achievement.
Emotional Intelligence is not about being emotional, but of being able to understand your own and others emotions and act accordingly.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to read and understand your own emotions as well as others’ emotions in the context of a particular situation to maximize the result. It’s not enough to build a product or service and execute sales, manage your marketing and operations. You must also manage the constant human interactions you will have with employees, consultants, vendors, investors, customers and others. The success of these interactions determines how easy and effective—painful or painless—meeting your company’s business goals and your personal goals will be.  Read More ….

Emotional Intelligence

High Performance Teamwork

Team development turns ordinary or blow par teams into High Performance Teams. A high performance team is a group with specific roles and complementary talents and skills, aligned with and committed to a common vision or purpose. These teams consistently show high levels of collaboration and innovation to produce superior results for your organisation. The high performance team is almost an organism in itself, with norms, behaviours and expectations of its own.

The team is the most productive unit withing the organisation. Teams are used to deliver projects from small sales or innovation projects to huge time sensitive projects costing hundreds of millions of Euros. the time a team takes to knit and start acting productively can be reduced significantly. In some cases a project that might be impossible due to timescale limits may be made possible purely because the time the project team takes to become a high performing unit is reduced.  Read More ….

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